This website is devoted to photographers active in the English counties of East Sussex and West Sussex during Victorian and Edwardian times. It is designed to be used senior dating sussex people researching their family history who wish to date family photographs and those interested in the history of photography.

The counties of East Sussex and West Sussex were created in 1974. In Victorian and Edwardian times there was a single county called Sussex. For the sake of clarity and consistency, I have, for the purposes of organisation, divided the old single county of Sussex into two distinct sections headed West Sussex and East Sussex. This division follows the way the counties of West Sussex and East Sussex are constituted today.

Click on the links against each town or village for details of photographers and studios active between 1841 and 1910. Sussex Photohistory is an ongoing project. I have information on nearly every photographer who was active in Sussex between 1841 and 1910. Over the coming months I will be adding material to the Sussex Photohistory website until each of the towns and villages named above has its own Photohistory and Studio Directory. If the information you require is not yet featured on this website, feel free to contact me by e-mail.

SUSSEX PHOTOHISTORY WEBSITE: Established August 2005. Click here to see his nature photography, Cuckmere Haven and South Downs landscapes. HOVE PHOTOGRAPHERS  BRIGHTON BIOGRAPHIES : William S. If you have any information on photographers active in Sussex during Victorian or Edwardian times or have examples of their work, please contact me by e-mail. I would also be pleased to hear from any person who has family links with a photographer who was active in Sussex between 1841 and 1910.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Arthur T. To his colleagues in photohistory, he was invariably generous in spirit and deed. He will be remembered with gratitude and affection by his worldwide circle of friends and correspondents. Arthur Gill photographed in London in 1964. William Constable was probably the first professional photographer to operate a photographic portrait studio in Sussex. By 1855, Constable had been joined in Brighton by at least 10 rival photographers.